Trident Project Advantage Group

A leading and first-choice Project Advisor-Owner's Project Manager ("OPM") firm to developers, institutional entities, municipalities, non-profits, and business owners in the greater New England area, and beyond.

Trident’s Project Advantage Group provides general assessment, due diligence, development, permitting, design, and construction delivery method selection, procurement and administration/monitoring services, targeted at managing the outcome from concept to completion, to private, public, institutional, governmental, and international Clients.

These OPM services are essential to (i) private developers, institutional, and small business Clients that have either insufficient in-house expertise/capacity or have chosen to out-source this effort for this non core task but essential undertaking to their business and (ii) public Clients, such as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under its new Public Construction Reform legislation. The stated PA/OPM services are directly in line with employing Trident Project Advantage Group’s continuously increasing core expertise and experience for contemporary applications to the benefit of our Clients.

Please feel free to contact us at relating to your specific project undertaking.

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