226 Causeway Street, Boston, MA ($45 million)


Boathouse Facility & Grounds, Nahant, MA (confidential)


Building #104, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA ($5 million)


Harvard Business School McArthur Hall, Boston, MA ($22.1 million)


Highlands Resort Condominiums, Northfield, NH ($8 million)


Highpoint Residences, Quincy, MA


Luxury Single Family Residences, NH and MA


Museum Towers, Cambridge, MA ($55 million)

  Oak Terrace, Boston, MA ($12 million)

Rowes Wharf Condominiums, Boston, MA ($50 million)


The Beacon Companies residential projects – construction in excess of 3,200 units of multi-family housing in MA, PA and VA.
(Selected list):


Baystate Place, Springfield, MA


Blue Ridge Estates, Richmond, VA


Bramblewood Estates, Richmond, VA


Chatham West I & II, Brockton, MA


Dominion Place, Richmond, VA


Georgetown Estates I & II, Hyde Park, MA


Palmer Green Estates, Palmer, MA


Pheasant Hill Estates, Susquehanna Township, PA


Whittier Terrace, Worcester, MA






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