Education in the 21st century requires a combination programming for classrooms, maker space, culture, amenities, hospitality, and athletic offerings. No longer is a simple one size fits all for each school college or university the norm. Careful consideration of the mission of each must be studied, agreed to, and delivered for the continued success of the students, staff and administration. From ivy league and private schools, to charter and public schools in our community, Trident has many educational success stories in our portfolio to help your team create the educational expansion to support learning.

Projects Include

Blessed Stephen Bellesine O.S.A. Academy, Lawrence, MA ($800,000)
Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, MA Academic Facilities Improvements ($12.5 million)
LFDEFI Charter School Phases I & II, Lawrence, MA ($6.5 million)
LFDEFI Charter School Phase III, Lawrence, MA ($125,000)
LFDEFI Charter School Phase IV, Lawrence, MA
Lincoln Ackerman School, Addition and Renovation Project, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire ($5.5 million)
Merrimack College, 300-Bed Residence Project, North Andover, MA ($18.0 million)
Merrimack College, 350 Bed and Commons Building Project, North Andover, MA ($24.5 million)
McQuade Library Building Capital Needs Assessment Study Off-Campus Sewer Extension Project ($500,000)
Various projects – performing arts center, multiple residence halls, student center, site improvements, and other ($90 million)
Methuen Central School, Repositioning, Methuen, MA ($2 million)
Methuen High School, Renovation and Expansion, Methuen, MA ($100 million)
Salem High School, Renovation, Salem, NH
Windham Kindergarten Addition, Windham, NH ($2.6 million)
Windham Middle School, Modular Concept Study, Windham, NH
Windham Middle School, Building Options Study, Windham, NH
Windham Junior High School Study, Windham, NH
Harvard Business School, McArthur Hall, Boston, MA ($22.1 million)
Harvard Business School, Aldrich Hall, Boston, MA ($20 million)
Harvard Business School, Baker Library, Boston, MA ($55 million)
Harvard University, Rosovsky Hall, Cambridge, MA ($5 million)
Harvard University, Thayer Hall, Cambridge, MA ($8 million)
Cornell University, School of Management, Ithaca, NY ($29 million)
Duke University, Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering and Medical Applied Science Building, Durham, NC ($95 million)
Divinity School, Durham, NC ($15 million)
West Edens Link Dormitory, Durham, NC ($32 million)
Underground Research Facility, Cambridge, MA ($55 million)
Weld Hall, Cambridge, MA ($4 million)
MIT, Buildings 16 & 56, Cambridge, MA ($51 million)
MIT, Ray and Maria Stata Center, Cambridge, MA ($200 million)
MIT, President's House, Cambridge, MA
University of Massachusetts, Aaron Lazare Medical Research Building, Worcester, MA ($109 million)
University of New Hampshire, Kingsbury Hall, Durham, NH ($50 million)
University of New Hampshire, McDaniel Drive Relocation, Durham, NH ($2.5 million)

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