Solutions to the ever changing healthcare environment is prompting many such institutions to rethink their current practices, validate if they are effective, and then either incorporate or update to modern science applications. Whether it is urgent care, or walk in clinics, full fledged hospital and outpatient care, to long term residential assisted living facilities, the healthcare industry is one that has produced some of Trident's most fulfilling outcomes and repeat clients.

Projects Include

Brown Street Conversions and Renovation, Haverhill, MA
41-Bed In-patient Detoxification Facility ($1.9 million)
In-patient Rehabilitation Facility ($3.2 million) Phase II ($TBD)
Fidelity House – Facility Homes Expansion Program, Multiple Sites
Beth Israel Hospital Clinical Center, Boston, MA ($110 million)
Beth Israel/Deaconess Hospital, Miscellaneous Projects, Boston, MA ($12 million)
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. - Portsmouth Hospital, Open Heart Surgery Facilities, Portsmouth, NH ($4 million)
Department of the Navy, RTC Medical Clinics, Chicago, IL ($12 million)
Massachusetts General Hospital, Miscellaneous Projects, Boston, MA ($5 million)
Massachusetts General Hospital, Bartlett Radiation Storage Facility, Boston, MA ($300,000)
Massachusetts General Hospital, Building 149 Laboratory Facility, Boston, MA ($2.2 million)
Massachusetts General Hospital, Bulfinch Building Renovation, Boston, MA
Massachusetts General Hospital, Cox Cancer Center, Boston, MA ($9 million)
Shriners Burns Hospital, Boston, MA ($60 million)
West Suburban Hospital, Oak Park, IL ($10 million)
VNA Hospice Facility, Haverhill, MA ($6.5 million)
VNA Hospice Facility, Phase II, Haverhill, MA ($2 million)
Whittier Health Care, Hannah Duston Healthcare Center, Haverhill, MA ($4.5 million)
Port Healthcare Center, Newburyport, MA ($14.1 million)
Salem Haven
Edgewood Retirement Community, North. Andover, MA ($50 million)
Edgewood Retirement Community, Small House Dementia Project, North Andover, MA

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