Trident Proceeds With Salem High School’s Track And Field Replacement

New Hampshire firm supports Salem School District for New Track and Field Project

 SALEM, N.H. – Trident Project Advantage Group is working, again, with the Salem School District.  The latest engagement is improvements to their coveted Salem High School Track and Field.  Trident, as the Owner’s Project Manager, is working with Huntress Sports and Davis White & Sons, Inc. to complete the project.

As a part of the School District’s commitment to its students and the community to continue to improve its facilities, the existing Grant Track & Field at Salem High School is undergoing renovation.  These renovations will bring the track and field up to current high school athletic standards.  The new track will also feature a new shape making it wider in order to increase the number of lanes and ancillary track and field events it can accommodate.

Scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020, the Track improvements are completely new track facilities to include storm water drainage, new track gravels, pavement and surface, and new areas for field activities such as discus, long jump, pole vault, and javelin.

Trident has been supporting the Salem School District on many projects since 2006.

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