UMASS NERB Worcester, MA Project On Track

Work in Progress at Mechanical Rooms at UMASS NERB Project

A recent site visit to our UMASS NERB project on the Worcester campus of the UMass Chan Medical School focused on the MEP work in progress at this research facility. The photos in this post do not really demonstrate the complexity of coordination, level of workmanship, and overall progress made by the dedicated Project Team. We have a talented team of construction workers to implement the great architectural design and engineering details necessary for this complex research building project.

Catwalk View Showing Cable Trays and Associated Wiring at the Lower Level


Conduits and Mechanical Piping at the Basement Level. Steam feeds Coming from the Onsite Plant


Another View of the Catwalks: Mechanical Lower Level


View Coming Down from Catwalk in the Penthouse Mechanical Level

Trident is proud to be part of the Project Team along with our JV Partner TERVA, Architectural Resources Cambridge, and Shawmut Design and Construction, and too many more subcontractors and vendors to list here. Thank you to the UMass Building Authority for your trust and confidence in the Project Team.